You’re a wizard, Harry . . .

This is my Harry – named for one of my very favorite characters, Harry Potter.   His father may disagree, his father is clearly a muggle.


He is also 7 years old – the twin to our Genevieve.  Harry is so smart, an excellent reader.  He loves sports especially baseball and was born a Red Sox fan, watching games in Al’s arms at only a day old.

There is a special bond between twins – it is like no other relationship.   From the womb with ultrasound images of Genevieve kicking Harry in the head to today, they are almost inseperable.   Even now, when they are playing apart, you will notice that each will occasionally pause, scan the room for the other, make eye contact and return to what it is that they were doing.   Just checking, there you are, play on.

Harry is my sensitive child, he feels things so deeply.  Just a few weeks before their second birthday, Genevieve had her first open heart surgery.  Harry went on a hunger strike.  He didn’t have the words to express what he was feeling and didn’t understand where she had gone so he took control of the only thing he could – whether or not he would eat.  Thankfully, it was short lived but he remained lost until she was released from the hospital and back at his side.

As a family, we prepare for her next surgery.  Harry struggles with what will happen next.  He bounces between being jealous of the attention paid to his sister as he does not understand what we have asked her to go through next and being worried about her.  It is a lot to ask of a little boy.

To my Harry – you are my baby boy, my favorite boy and I love you.  I promise to do all that I can to make sure that you do not feel lost in the days ahead.  As we build our support network of friends and family, they will also be dedicated to your care and you, too, will never be alone.  Always surrounded by those that love you.


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