It’s time for a rather traditional Thanksgiving post about all the things that I am thankful for . . .  It has been a difficult month.  From Genevieve’s catherization to finding out that her next open heart surgery is looming, perhaps even before the holidays, is a lot to process.  Truthfully, I am struggling to process it – we will save that for another day.

My favorite “feeling emoticon” on Facebook is blessed.  It just seems to describe many of my posts.  I am blessed.  It goes without saying that my Harry & Genevieve are the greatest blessing and while it is not an easy journey, we strive to make the most of every day.

While it may be what family does – both Al and I are very fortunate to have great families.  Becoming a mother has added a new and amazing dimension to the relationship with my parents.  Sometimes they seem like strangers – these people that are completely incapable of saying “NO” to my children as evidenced by a Swarovski crystal tiara that my daughter came home from Disney World with – one that rivals the crystal headpiece I wore for my wedding.  I know my brother would agree, they had no trouble saying “no” when we were growing up.  Always, they are my safety net.  My promise to my children is that they will never be alone.  My mom sat at my daughter’s bedside at Boston Children’s Hospital nightly in the week after she was born while I was still recovering from my c-section across the way at Brigham & Women’s Hospital.  Both my mom and dad have made sure that Harry is loved, cared for . . . and a little spoiled when we have needed to focus on Genevieve.  They make it possible for me to keep that promise.

I always knew my family would be there – it is my circle of friends that constantly amaze me.  My dear friends from childhood that take time out of their day to check in on me, send care packages to my daughter.  In Harry & Genevieve’s world, you are family.  There are days when I think Genevieve might have a crush on my friend’s son so she feels the need to clarify whether or not they are related!  My friends that will send me a funny or inspirational text or just sit by my side, hold my hand and be quiet with me.  My wonderful neighbor who keeps an eye on the house and leaves treats in the mailbox when out for a walk with her beautiful daughter.

My automotive family at The Herb Chambers Companies – so much more than co-workers, especially with all the hours we spend together both in and outside of the office.  When I can walk into any dealership and before we get down to business, someone will ask “how are YOU?” and mean it sincerely.  14 years and counting and many of you were there from my first day – thank you for the hugs and kind words as well as the endless supply of Dunkin Donuts & Starbucks, the drinks and the company at the tattoo parlor.   No one else has as much fun as we do in and out of work!

My multi-faceted online friends.  Friends from high school and college that I have reconnected with – while I may not see you, I feel like I know you so well as I follow your lives and watch your families grow.  My CHD family, the heart warriors and angels, your advice has been invaluable.  You taught me the terminology, gave me a crash course on the heart and helped me to navigate the medical world that has become such a huge part of our lives.  I know that Genevieve’s next hospital stay will be a little brighter because you have helped me figure out ways to make it easier for an older child.  Believe me, this was very different when she was not yet 2 years old – the conversations are so much harder at 7.  It’s My Heart – New England – the group that has supported my family and helped Genevieve to know that she is not the only one with a special kind of heart.  She does not travel to the hospital without her IMH water bottle.

I cannot forget “the moms”.  There are so many – moms of multiples who helped me figure out how to suddenly be a parent to two children, moms of other children in the same class as Harry & Genevieve and my online community of moms.  Those who I have not met in person, yet still have care packages delivered to my house and send messages throughout the day – sometimes widly inappropriate yet always good for a smile and much needed distraction.  To “that Canadian Chick” – you came into my life when I needed a friend.  Your timing could not have been better – no regrets and live happy!

Teary eyed, sleep deprived, still overwhelmed, still feeling like my world is spinning without any forward movement . . . and blessed.  Always blessed.

So Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!



One thought on “Blessed

  1. Happy Thanksgiving love! You came into my life at just the right time too. Never before have I had a friend I felt truly understood – one who I could tell anything with no fear of judgement. I hope you have a wonderful and blessed day with your beautiful family.

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