Making Christmas, Making Christmas

Overachiever?  Who me?  Couldn’t be!

Okay, yes I am an overachiever – dating back to childhood.  In addition to the obsessive need to plan and fondness for calendars and check lists, I have this ingrained need to give every task my all.  I have also been known to be slightly competitive and to love a good challenge.

All of these traits have combined into the perfect storm of “making Christmas 2015”.  With Genevieve’s surgery hanging over our heads – still no date yet – I want to do everything in my power to make this year extra special.   While I believe that we do pretty good celebrating every holiday and birthday, this year there just seems to be additional pressure – self-inflicted.

Of course, the universe isn’t making it easy.  Harry came home from school and announced that his friend in the 3rd grade told him that Santa was his mom and dad.  No no no, Harry, you will not do this to me.  There is a Santa and you will believe!  I need you and Genevieve to believe this year – I need this year to be magical and that includes the jolly old St. Nick!   So, I did what any desperate parent would do . . . Harry, if you don’t believe in Santa then you will not get any presents from him!  Yes, I threatened my son with less presents and yes, he complied and once again believes in Santa.   Either that or he is putting on a good show – it’s fine, I will take it!  PS – Mom & Dad, I still believe in Santa, too . . . just in case he wants to leave me something extra under the tree in Connecticut.

Elf on the Shelf (check), Christmas Tree (check), trip to Edaville USA to go to the Festival of Lights, ride the Thomas the Tank Engine train and see Santa (check) . . . next up Lego Advent Calendar, movies & books about the season . . .

I feel this need to make memories – magical happy memories that will help to carry us all through her surgery and recovery.  There is a slight chance, she could be inpatient in December and I even have plans in my head on how to brighten her hospital room and all the antics her Elf on the Shelf, Jingle Belle could get into at Boston Children’s Hospital!

I’ve got this and the “this” that I am referring to is Christmas 2015.


One thought on “Making Christmas, Making Christmas

  1. You’re so far ahead of me this year! I’ve done NOTHING Christmasy so far! I am about 99% sure my boys no longer believe (I know with certainty that James doesn’t) but they keep the magic alive for their sister, for which I am eternally grateful.

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