Writer’s block

Dear Blessed Heart Blog – I love you and could write for hours.  So many thoughts swirling around my head that need to fly out across the keyboard and onto the screen.   My journal made public.  Thank you to all that come to view my posts, share them with others and just support me in this endeavor.   This is my outlet, my therapy as I process the next steps in Genevieve’s heart journey and my life in general.

I mean it -I could write here for hours – the thoughts in my head seem endless.   Unfortunately, tonight there is another assignment calling out to me.  I volunteered to write an article for our company newsletter.   It is a follow up piece to one that I did 5 years ago.   Yes, I know – there is more than enough on my plate without volunteering for more.  I just can’t resist a challenge and I really do love what I do.

Let’s go back – 5 years ago at this time, Genevieve was fully recovered from open heart surgery.   She was off all medications and had no restrictions.   We were ready to celebrate Christmas and looking forward to the new year with our 2 year old twins.   My company had made the list of the Boston Globe’s Top Places to Work for the second year in a row.  As they say, life was good.

Present day, we made the list for the 7th year in a row.   My company is still a great place to work with amazing benefits that completely take away the worry as to how we will pay for Genevieve to receive the best care from some of the best doctors in the world.  Yet, I am struggling to find the words to put on that paper to share with our clients.  There is a big difference between the euphoria of recovery versus the anxiety of preparing for surgery.  So if you have the cure for writer’s block, please share in the comment section.  I could use it right about now.

I know it will come to me – I am good under pressure and I love a deadline.   Monday morning – still plenty of time.


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