My own hellish Groundhog Day

This should probably be entitled “The F Word Part 3” . . . given the rollercoaster ride that we have been on, I am sure that post will be coming soon.  So tonight – let’s go with my own hellish Groundhog Day instead.

The dreaded 355 pops up on my iPhone.  I hate that number.  I would rather see 666 as that would be my work in Somerville or my parents in Newington.  It is never good when they are calling you a month out from her surgery day and just before Christmas.  No message left to return – it is them calling to talk to me.   Iris – of course, it is Iris from scheduling.  I knew why she was calling and I could tell by the tone of her voice that was prepared for me to go off on the phone.   Somehow, I managed not to.  One slightly sarcastic tone about how this is the second time we are being rescheduled due to vacation days and a conference.  Shouldn’t these things have been on their calendar?  I guess not.  So – the new date is January 26th for pre-op and surgery on the 27th.  Now that I have put it in writing and moved it on my calendar that syncs to my laptop, my phone and my iPad, I am waiting to see if the universe decides to see just how many times we can repeat this cycle before I completely lose my mind.

That losing my mind stuff – I may be there.  Going back through the list – call my parents, the insurance company, the pediatrician, the school, the school psychologist, my work and so on  . . . I know the list by heart at this point.  Returning to my car to hide, there is no crying at work and I just can’t keep it together anymore.  I’ve done this all before.

What little Christmas spirit I was able to pull together this year is gone.  I will put on the smile for Harry & Genevieve and I will do everything in my power to give them the very best Christmas ever.  Outside of that, I just want to hide, pull the covers over my head and not talk to anyone.

This fucking sucks – ahhh, yes, there is the F word.





One thought on “My own hellish Groundhog Day

  1. It does suck. You’d think that a hospital would have enough organization that they’d have things like vacation and conferences on the calendar to schedule around them and not have to make their patients reschedule EVERYTHING multiple times. It’s going to be okay.

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