The Power of Prayer

Hearing your daughter’s name called as part of the prayer intentions at Church is a humbling experience.  She is sitting beside me, she knows that her name is called and from the outside she appears to be a healthy happy child.   As the entire Church prays, I fight back the tears and place an arm around both Harry & Genevieve.   While we have put our faith into our team at Boston Children’s Hospital, prayer couldn’t hurt.

This is First Communion year for my babies.  Genevievie has embraced prayer and shyly will tell us that sometimes she prays for herself, for her health.  Another teary moment, my dear baby G, I have the same constant prayer for you.

Daily, I have people near and far telling me that they are keeping my Genevieve in their thoughts and prayers.  A candle has been lit at the Notre Dame Grotto in her name.  Friends have shared her story with their pastors, sent me Bible verses and reminded me that we do not walk this path alone.

So, while I do not believe that we will experience a miracle that will heal her heart, I pray that God will guide her surgeon’s hands.  That she will feel the love and support when she is scared, when she is in pain and as she recovers.   I also pray for myself – that I will find the strength to support both her and Harry.

I am so thankful for all our family and friends that constantly make sure that we are not alone.


May Our Lord surround Genevieve Norton with His peace. We pray that God will guide the surgeon’s hands during her second open heart surgery in January. We pray that her surgery will be successful and that she will be granted a full recovery. May God be with her family, especially her twin brother, Harry, and give them the strength to continue day by day.
God bless Genevieve and all her family,
The Notre Dame prayer team

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