May you find peace in writing. . .


BsIdtgyCYAItZq5    Like mother, like daughter?

Hearing from your child’s teacher that “she was pretty effected by the news” of her surgery date is difficult.  15 days still to go and we are both clearly struggling.  Genevieve is working on a book about it at school and I pour out my thoughts here.

While I want to continue to encourage her to come to us with her questions, I do not want to push her into stressful conversations that she is not up to having.  Walking that tightrope, letting her take the lead and reaching out to her now and then to see if there is something on her mind.

Today was a day that I decided to push her a little . . .

M:  “So, what are you writing in school?  Does Mr. Berg have you working on a new book?”

G:  “How do you know?  I am writing about me!  I am writing about November.”

M:  “So, Genevieve, you are writing about your cardiac catherization?”

G:  “Yes”

M: “That’s great, do you want to tell me about it?”

G: “Not now, I want to know how you know?  How do you know what I am doing?” said with that curious smile.

I am going to let her think it is magic – moms just know.

All that matters to me tonight is that she is smiling and happy.  I am thankful that her teachers are encouraging her to pour her feelings out on paper.  My hope is that she finds the same peace in writing that I do.



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