Life is still fragile . . .

You are at one of the best hospitals in the world . . . her surgeon heads up the Congenital Heart Valve program – who better to rebuild her valve?  Have you seen the US News & World Report standings?  Boston Children’s Hospital is ranked #1 in Cardiology and Heart Surgery.  People come from all over the world to be seen by the doctors in your backyard.

I cannot tell you the number of times that I have said these phrases . . . it would be second only to the number of times that I had someone tell me this leading up to Genevieve’s surgery.  At some point, I found myself becoming annoyed when people would “remind” me of what I already knew.  Sometimes people don’t know what to say and they want to be supportive and positive.  So I would smile, nod and reassure them that I was aware of just how lucky we are to call Boston home.  Of course, Genevieve would be fine.

Even for me, it is very easy to say when you are not the one hugging your child and watching them being wheeled away to the operating room.  When you are not the one sitting on the third floor as the liaison brings you updates as to when the first incision was made, when your child went onto bypass . . .

Despite just how amazing their doctors and nurses are . . . the success rate is below  100%.  There are no guarantees so we hope and pray for the best possible outcomes.  We are lucky and we are so very very blessed.   Genevieve has made an amazing recovery and continues to work towards going back to being a 7 year old – school, dance, homework and playdates instead of blood pressure medications, Lasix, chest x-rays and echocardiograms.

As strong as our children are – Fierce Pierce, Ethan, Savannah, Cora, Shakirah Ariana, Mila and so many others . . . life is fragile.

So tonight, I will hold both Harry & Genevieve a little tighter.



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