Bubble Wrap, Lysol and Purell

It is the eve of Genevieve’s return to school.   Her lunch has been made and her school uniform has been dragged out of the drawer where it sat untouched for almost 6 weeks.  She is ready . . . I am not.

My Facebook feed is filled – and I mean FILLED – with sick babies, sick children and sick adults . . . I know that I have a large friend list but being in the double digits as to people that I know who have been to the doctor or ER in the past week seems extreme.  I wish it was non-contagious broken arms or sprained ankles, instead it is vomiting, coughing, flu symptoms, pneumonia, ear infections, fevers and the “mystery virus”.  It makes me want to disinfect my screen and wear gloves to type.

In the midst of all of this, I am supposed to send my 7 year old daughter who is recovering from open heart surgery back to the petri dish that is 2nd grade.  I want to break into the school and scrub down the desks, stand at the door in the morning and evaluate each student and teacher for cold symptoms before letting them enter the building.

Genevieve is returning with a couple of restrictions from her doctor – no contact sports and no hanging from the monkey bars.   So we will keep her out of gym for a week while she adjusts to being back at the school and play it by ear after that.  Keeping her off the monkey bars may be more challenging.  This is a child that spent so much time hanging last year that she had blisters on her hands and then continued to play until the blisters broke.  This was followed by the joy of her not wanting to do her homework because her hands hurt. If it wouldn’t make her miserable, I would insist she spend recess indoors reading a book.  So I will remind her tomorrow morning and every morning in the near future . . . NO MONKEY BARS!

While there is a part of me that wants to keep her home where I know she will be safe for a little while longer, she is ready to go back.  She has reached the point where she is constantly in the mirror and appears to be talking to herself.  My girl has driven her twin brother crazy with demands to play with her.  After being in the house with adults all day, Genevieve is ready to play and after being at school, Harry wants his solitude.  It has led to a lot of fighting and sacrificing on both their parts.   Genevieve has always been my social butterfly and she needs the interaction with her classmates at school.  It is time.

So tonight, I am making a school uniform out of bubble wrap with Purell attached to one sleeve and a Lysol bottle to the other.  Be well.

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