More water, less coffee

A week ago, I had my own heart scare.  In the middle of a meeting, I suddenly felt hot, had a sharp pain in my chest and felt as if the room moved.  Perhaps not the smartest move, I decided to sit, breathe and quietly wait for it to pass.  On break, I spoke to a friend and she thought it was probably low blood sugar.  So I had a glass of orange juice and returned to the meeting. When it happened a second time, I had to leave the room – it was like nothing that I had ever experienced.

It’s stress, right?  Everything has FINALLY caught up to me and now that Genevieve was returning back to school and life . . . my body was taking a little extra time to adjust.  My friends and co-workers all in agreement – stress, panic attack, completely normal and not unexpected.

BUT . . . better to be safe than sorry . . . maybe a trip to the ER at MGH.  It was a tough choice – stress, let it pass, sit for a minute and then all would be fine or go to the hospital?  I caught sight of the picture of Genevieve & Harry on my desk and thought what if?  What if this is something more serious.  Better to be safe – so my friend drove me to the ER.

Full work up – cardiac enzyme test, check for clotting, x-rays and more . . . another incident of dizziness and hours spent moving from one waiting area to another.  After everything came back clear, it was decided that this was a rapid drop in blood pressure triggered by dehydration, exhaustion and stress.

So just relax, drink more water and less coffee . . . easier said than done.  If nothing else, it was a scary reminder that I need to figure out how to take a minute for myself now and then.  To find better balance.  While I have not been able to implement it . . .I am thinking about it!

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