The Power of Prayer

On October 16, I was invited to celebrate the wedding of my dear friend Josh to the love of his life Ray . . . and while there is magic when two people commit to spend their lives together; there was a little something extra that day – 3 moments that were personal to me and my family.

Josh is one of those people that you just connect with – his kindness, strength and care for others is genuine.  He is a part of the force that I call “Team Genevieve”.  When he would tell me that he was thinking of me, that he was praying for Genevieve . . . I could physically feel it in a way that words cannot explain.  In one of those small world moments, Josh texted me one day to say that his friend Diana (turns out that she is cousin’s with my childhood friend Beth) brought him Genevieve’s story and asked him to pray for her.  His response was, “that’s MY Genevieve!”.

While G prepared for her open heart surgery, Josh’s amazing mother continued her battle with cancer.  We were all in a vulnerable spot and I found comfort in his strength and that of his family.  Through Facebook, I helped him create a group page for “Team Jana” to support his mom.  Over time, I became “friends” with his mom and aunt Vickie.  It is clear where Josh’s power comes from.

At the reception, we were seated with his Pastor.  She performed a beautiful service that could only have come from someone that truly knew the couple.  While we made conversation at the table, her eyes lit up when she heard Genevieve’s name and she told me that Josh had brought her story to their congregation and that they were all praying for her.  She was so happy to hear that my girl was doing well.  That was the first of three moments in which Team Genevieve was present in the room.

The second and third involved the matriarchs of his family.  Months before the wedding, I had told Josh that his mom was going to think that I was a crazy because I felt like I knew her in real life and that I would need to give her a hug.  So I did – I leaned down by her wheelchair and took a moment to tell her just how inspired I was by her strength and how thankful I was for all her support of Genevieve.  Her determination to be by her son’s side at his wedding still moves me to tears.  Jana makes me want to be a better mother.

Then there is Vickie – surrounded by her beautiful daughters and keeping a watchful eye on her sister during the festivities.   We had some time to talk between courses at the reception and at one point, she put her hand on my arm and said, “Genevieve is meant to do great things”.

Tonight, I am thankful to Josh and Ray for including me in their day and reminding me just how powerful prayer can be.  Team Genevieve & Team Jana – proving that we do not journey alone.