Lessons learned.

Lessons learned from my grandparents . . .

Take time for yourself.  My grandmother always scheduled lunch for 1PM exactly so that she could watch Days of our Lives and then tell me that I had to wait a half hour before being able to go swimming in the backyard pool.  It was her time in a day spent running errands and taking care of her only granddaughter and frequently the neighborhood kids that made their way to her backyard.

Find joy in the little things.  My grandfather was the happiest man.  Always a sparkle in his eye and just an infectious laugh.  He would come home with bikes and once a 3-wheeler that was someone else’s trash.  It is amazing that any of us grandchildren survived our childhoods.  We were thrilled with every treasure despite the lack of brakes in the days before parent’s required helmets.  With a brother and cousins much younger, I may have taken a few more hits, bumps and bruises than the rest.  Thank goodness for a row of bushes that once stopped me from crashing into the neighbor’s house.

My grandparents would have loved Harry & Genevieve.  I know that my grandfather in particular would have adored them.  He would have laughed and told me that it was ok, let them have fun, don’t be so hard on them.  Maybe it is nostalgia setting in on my grandfather’s birthday, maybe it is something more.  There are moments that I feel them near.  A rocking chair moving back and forth steadily for no reason – my grandfather loved his rocking chairs.   My Genevieve regularly talks about her grandmother Genevieve – I just know that she is looking over her namesake.

I was fortunate to have a great relationship with my own grandparents and am so thrilled that my own children have their Ama, Grandpa, Papa and Grandpa Paul to dote on them.  We are blessed to have our family & friends along with our angels looking out for us.

With my grandfather – always a sparkle in his eye.