A few blog posts back, I wrote about struggling with “writer’s block” as I tried to compose a piece for our company’s newsletter.  While so much of what I share here seems to flow naturally, this was not just writing for me. This letter was to thank and honor the amazing people that I work with every day.  While it took some time, I finally got my thoughts out on paper.

Today, that piece went out to all the employees of my company and to every E-Mail address in our client base.

Under Our Hood – December 2015

Until I saw it come through my E-Mail, I didn’t realize how big this was.   I didn’t realize just how exposed I would feel having this many people – the majority of which are strangers – read a few paragraphs about my family.   So many of my co-workers reached out to me – some knew about Genevieve, others were just learning about her journey.  As the day went on, some of our clients started reaching out.  The majority of the messages were supportive including one from a doctor at Children’s Hospital who said that he would check in on us while we are in-patient in January.

One month from today is her surgery.  All of this is leaving me feeling rather vulnerable.  I have no regrets and would write the article again word for word – it just feels like a lot tonight.




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